SBSH Calendar [25.1.2010] (signed,EN,CZ,S60v3/v5)

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SBSH Calendar [25.1.2010] (signed,EN,CZ,S60v3/v5)

Příspěvekod hanni v pát črc 25, 2008 7:26 am

SBSH Calendar

:arrow: SBSH
Aktuální verze:

Kalendář pro Symbian, nástupce kalendáře Papyrus.

  • rychlejší zobrazení položek z databáze
  • optimalizace zobrazení na šířku
  • nový design pro Symbian (ikony atd.)
  • plně přizpůsobitelné vkládané položky do kalendáře
  • filtry zobrazující položky jednotlivých kategorií
  • snadné přepínání zobrazení kalendáře
  • detailní přizpůsobení vzhledu kalendáře





Cena: 19,95 USD

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Verze 1.5.1:
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Příspěvekod PetaH v pát črc 25, 2008 12:38 pm

Možná jsem hloupý, ale nebyl by nějaký kód?
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Příspěvekod prokop v pát črc 25, 2008 1:18 pm

Platí původní kód ze staré verze Papyru:

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(stačilo jet jen po odkazech v topicu od hanniho :wink: )

Při žádostech o vyřešení problému s telefonem, aplikacemi apod, uvádějte přesné chybové hlášky, a problém se snažte co nejvíce popsatDokud zde bude tento text, budu odpovídat na SZ jen v těch nejnaléhavějších případech.
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Re: SBSH Calendar [25.7.2008] (signed)

Příspěvekod nobody v pon led 25, 2010 6:55 pm

SBSH Mobile Calendar v1.5 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x FoXPDA

Turn your Smartphone into a powerful time management system. Enjoy innovative and compelling tools to manage your schedule using advanced views, category coloring and icons far beyond the ability of the default S60 Smartphone tools.

Daily View
    * Today's events all on your screen
    * Joint display for both appointments and tasks
    * Use Themed Layout Mode for a fully integrated display with your current theme
    * Optionally use single-line layout or multi-line layout for optimized display on landscape screens
    * View alarm, private, note and recurring status icons for each of your items
    * View category icons and leading rectangles for each item according to the selected categories
    * Customize text size, color based on item's characters, item display layout and more!

List View
    * List style display offering seven day look ahead display with maximum details, icons and category colors
    * Joint display for both appointments and tasks
    * Showing single line of each item's subject for more information display
    * Quickly scroll backward and forward between weeks by moving the joystick left and right. Scroll up and down to navigate between items in the list
    * See status icons, category icons and coloring for each of your agenda items
    * Easily create new appointments and tasks based the currently selected date in the List View

Grid View
    * Full week grid display with one line subjects. Fitting a full week worth of agenda in a single screen, giving a great preview for your week's agenda
    * Joint display for both appointments and tasks
    * Daily header showing item counters and timeline for the currently highlighted day
    * Colors indicating items defined as special event categories and weekends
    * Configure smaller font size for more data display packed in one screen
    * Leading rectangles for each appointment based on the appointment category color
    * Scroll through days and weeks using your smartphone joy-pad
    * Create new appointments and tasks on the current selected date on the grid view

Monthly View
    * Full month worth of agenda displayed in one screen!
    * Optimized display that brings maximum information to your smartphone limited screen real estate
    * 20 hour timelines with category colors showing your appointments for each day!
    * Category icons on each day rectangle on the monthly view
    * All day and anniversary indicator icons
    * Optionally include Quick View pane that shows the current day's activities
    * Quick View pane is placed at the bottom of the screen when used in portrait screens or at the right side when used in landscape screens
    * Click any day to quickly load the selected day at the Daily view

Tasks View
    * Full task manager solution. Manager all of your tasks in one view using advanced tools designed especially for professional task management!
    * Group tasks by category, completion and more. Define up to two sort levels for your tasks display
    * Easily create new or complete/activate and edit your existing tasks from the Tasks view
    * View status icons, category icons and priority icons for each task in the list
    * Optionally include bottom preview pane displaying more details about the currently highlighted task when scrolling through your tasks list

Categories and Filters
    * Assign categories to your appointments and tasks. You can also assign multiple categories to each item
    * Define icons to each of your categories. These icons are then displayed across the different SBSH Calendar views to indicate the categories associated with each item
    * Similar to icons, you can associate a single color with each of your categories. Category colors are used across Calendar views to indicate items' categories
    * SBSH Calendar provides a powerful filters engine. Create your own filters were each filter can include one or more categories. Select any of your custom filters to display only items associated with the same categories included in this specific filter
    * Rename filters to match your own needs, such as project names, personal life related filters and more!

Powerful Calendar Tool
    * Behind the great design and colored icons, SBSH Calendar offers the most powerful personal information manager up-to-date for the professional user
    * Powerful recurrence engine that helps you manage and create recurring appointments of any type!
    * Google Categories support when syncing with Google Calendar
    * Full robust task manager built-in as part of the same solution!
    * SBSH Calendar is designed to fulfill all time management needs of the busy professional!

What's new in Calendar 1.5?

* New Look & Feel

We juiced up the general look of Calendar with shiny new icons and a fresh look. We tried to maximize information while retaining the eye-candy look that SBSH is so famous for. Some more examples include old scrollbars which have been replaced with native Symbian ones to allow for quicker view loading and pave the way for Calendar Touch which is already in the works. The Tasks view was improved upon - selection now works better, there is "round-scrolling" and a new sort option - by "Alarm".

* New View Selector

Instead of having to rotate through all views to get to a particular view, the user can now click on the View menu to bring up a graphical list of views. The user can press a number directly to select a view, or use the d-pad and action button to select a view. The old way of navigating views still exists and has been made an option for those that would prefer it, but this new navigation method is now the default.

* Improved monthly view for landscape devices

The quick view list of appointments and tasks has been moved to the side in monthly view on landscape devices.

* Completely new database engine
The database engine has been rewritten from the ground up, providing a dramatic speed improvement. Calendar should start quicker, and you'll see a much more rapid response when navigating between dates. We are also working on implementing even more updates to the engine so that loading time will be ever faster! Calendar now observes creation/changes of items created by the phone's calendar, while SBSH Calendar is running. In addition, it also observes day changes and will update itself accordingly.

* New Filtering System

The Filters system has been redesigned to solve the limitations of the previous versions of Calendar. Every filter has a set of criteria, which can contain a set of Included and categories. Filters can be named and saved in one of eight slots (from the Settings), and are automatically applied when Calendar starts again.

* Updated Category Images

Category images, as well as most of the built-in images in Calendar, have been updated for a much nicer display. Category images are now stored under \Data\Others\SBSH\icons as MBM files - which are Symbian resource files. All category images come in two sizes to fit better in different views. Basically, Calendar will show you any icons stored as MBM inside that folder (\low or \high). You can create your own icons using MBMConverter which can be found in the S60 C++ SDK; bmconv.exe under .\Epoc32\Tools in the SDK installation directory.

* Improved Recurrence Support

Much time has been put into improving the usability of the recurrence in Calendar. We've tested this quite a bit with beta team so we hope that everything runs smoothly now. If there are any problems that you are experiencing with recurrence - please let us know. A new recurrence type was added, which was asked for by many users - "Repeat Monthly by Days". This allows for example to set a recurring pattern of "Repeat on 3rd Friday of every Month".

* Additional Settings and Fixes

With this version of SBSH Calendar we've added ~10 new setting items as well as fixed ~100 bugs that were previously reported upon in v1.4.02. This includes for instance the "New Item Settings" which centralizes all key component of a new item. Under there you can find stuff like "Meeting Duration" and "Default Show As". Status of a meeting is now color-coded and can be selected from the Leading Rect Color option in each view settings. We are positive that this made Calendar far better to use in terms of the user experience and the stability of the application.

* Import/Export your settings - Users have been complaining for a long time that they can't import or export their settings (including colors and category colors' settings). Well, this is now possible with the new version under Menu->Settings->Options. The settings file is saved as c:\Data\Others\SBSH_Cal_Settings.ini.

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Re: SBSH Calendar [25.1.2010] (signed)

Příspěvekod hanni v čtv bře 04, 2010 4:31 pm

SBSH.Mobile.Software.SBSH.Calendar.v1.5.S60v3.Symb ianOS9.x.Regged-BiNPDA

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Necr@cknutá verzia, obsahuje key.
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Re: SBSH Calendar [25.1.2010] (signed)

Příspěvekod jan l v úte bře 16, 2010 9:44 am

Mám problém. Najednou mi vše zmizelo z kalendáře. A SBSH šel podivně. Šlo ho zapnout, ale jakmile jsem tam chtěl něco změnit, tak psal, že se už používá. Tak jsem ho odinstaloval a opět nainstaloval. Opět nic.
Nakonec jsem dal tuto novou verzi. Ta ani ho nezapne. Jen tam svítí SBSH Calendar a nic. Co teď s tím?
jan l
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Re: SBSH Calendar [25.1.2010] (signed)

Příspěvekod LeUKopLaSt3 v pon kvě 03, 2010 9:38 pm

zaujímalo by ma ako sa to dá zosynchronizovať s google calendar :D neviem na to prísť
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Re: SBSH Calendar [25.1.2010] (signed)

Příspěvekod humbuk v pon kvě 03, 2010 9:44 pm

Synchronizuji to v PC, kde mobil synchronizuji s Outlookem a zároveň pomocí programu Google Sync s Google kalendarem.
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SBSH Calendar [25.1.2010] (signed)

Příspěvekod wasabasd v pát srp 27, 2010 1:55 pm

Nevíte, jak nastavit, když z aktivního pohotovostního režimu vyberu modul (řádek)kalendář (ukazují se mi úkoly, či upomínky na blízké dny) a kliknu, aby se spustil SBSH Calendar místo integrovaného?
Nový uživatel
Nový uživatel
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Re: SBSH Calendar [25.1.2010] (signed)

Příspěvekod humbuk v stř pro 08, 2010 10:56 am

Prosím o radu, začala mě zlobit synchronizace s Outlookem přes Nokia OVI suite (zkoušel jsem i PC Suite).
Pokud vytvořím událost v SBSH, tak se mi "nepřenese" do outlooku, pokud událost vytvořímv interním kalendáři, tak synchronizace funguje. Pokud vytvořenou událost v SBSH,která se prve nesesynchronizovala otevřu znovu v SBSH a jakkoliv upravím, tak pak se již sesynchronizuje.
Netušíte co by mohlo být za problém? Zkoušel jsem i reinstal za čistý SBSH.
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Re: SBSH Calendar [25.1.2010] (signed,S60v3/v5)

Příspěvekod tatinek2 v stř črc 06, 2011 5:10 pm

Verze 1.5 Cz
Kód: Vybrat vše

čeština není moje
Nokia 6220 classic - Hack
Pro dobrotu na žebrotu
Závažné chyby v mých překladech mi zasílejte na SZ. Nejsem dokonalý.
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SBSH Calendar [25.1.2010] (signed,EN,CZ,S60v3/v5)

Příspěvekod Semry v sob úno 07, 2015 4:41 pm

Synchronizaci barevných kategorií s Outlookem 2013 asi už nezískám. Má někdo zkušenost? Zatím jsem u handy kalendáře.
nemám rád dotykové displaye
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