[G] OpenGPX [15.4.2012] (S60v3, Python,(un)signed)

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[G] OpenGPX [15.4.2012] (S60v3, Python,(un)signed)

Příspěvekod vasikk v ned dub 15, 2012 4:11 pm


Martin Preishuber
Aktuální verze:


Tato aplikace potřebuje :arrow: Python

  1. Stáhněte GPX soubory z Geocaching.com a zkopírujte ho do složky E :/ Geocaching (musíte být Prémium členem Geocaching pro přístup GPX soubory).
  2. Prohlídka keší.
  3. Zobrazení souřadnic.
  4. Práce s waypointy.
  5. Zobrazení nápovědy.
  6. Vestavěný kalkulátor, de/kodér (převod textu na čísla).

Originál popis:

OpenGPX is an application for paperless Geocaching for Symbian S60 mobiles. It is written in Python and uses several additional modules.

· Simple usage: download GPX files from Geocaching.com and copy it on your S60 phone to the folder E:/Geocaching (you have to be a Geocaching premium member to access GPX files)
· Browse through all Caches
· Show cache text incl. coordinates, country/state, difficulty/terrain, distance and heading from home
· Show all waypoints (including extracted waypoints from the cache description and from logs)
· Add user defined waypoints (e.g. calculated waypoints)
· View waypoints (this enables invoking of a navigation or mapping application to directly navigate to a specific waypoint)
· Export waypoints to the location database of the phone
· Show all logs for the cache
· Show travelbugs (only names)
· Show cache hint
· Show spoiler images (images are resized and rotated automatically)
· Built in calculator, Geocaching de/encoder, Caesar chiffre en/decoder, Convert text to numbers (A=1, ...)
· Show the content of a specific file ('info.txt'), e.g. for some user defined notes

What's New in This Release:


· added: possibility to sort waypoint list by name, distance from home or code (mostly implemented by Scott Fowler, thanks)
· added: waypoint detail view (incl. different coordinate formats)
· fixed: Spoiler view misplaced the images sometimes
· fixed: Overflow error in GPS view if GPS signal gets lost
· fixed: Coordinates can be entered in lower case now
· added: cache type icons can be switched off in the settings now (requires restart)
· added: small improvements to the html2text converter (parses ", ' and some more now)
· fixed: Exporting waypoint immediately after adding it does work now (unicode error fixed)
· added: Code (GC*, OC*) to Cache title
· added: Morse de/encoder tools
· added: Checksum (crossfoot) tool
· fixed: Waypoints of caches with umlauts can be viewed / exported now
· fixed: changed order of include directives in default.py (fixes first start of application in development environment)
· fixed: Unicode error when extracting coordinates from cache description


· added: support for geocaching.com pocket queries
· added: support for opencaching.de gpx files
· added: support for geocaching.hu gpx files
· added: gwc.py class (Groundspeak Whereigo Cartridge) to read whereigo cartridge files. Note: this one is pretty useless, since there is no Lua interpreter on S60 phones
· fixed: Whereigo cache type set correctly in Cache class
· fixed: changed some hard-coded path separators to use os.path.join
· fixed: on win32 platform use USERPROFILE if HOMEDRIVE is not available
· fixed: using a constant instead of float('NaN') which is not available on win32 platform


· fixed: using a constant in positioning module instead of float('NaN') which is not available on win32 platform
· fixed: numeric entries without initial values threw an erro

OpenGPX 0.05(0)
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